Weaving in Laos

Weaving in Laos was a highlight of my stay in Luang Prabang. I think Laos has got to be one of my favorite countries that i’ve been to. In this post i’m looking back at the weaving class I took at Ock Pop Tok. It’s a purpose built centre that employs local artisans, provides classes and workshops. It also houses an exhibition hall showing the history of textile production in the country.

It’s a great initiative, set up to highlight, promote and sell traditional Laos textiles sustainably. They achieve this through supporting local artisans and farmers who produce the cotton and other materials. So, it’s a nice full circle operation!

While there I took another 2 classes that you can read about: natural dyes and laos batik, as well as a post all about Ock Pop Tok!

Artisan at work and me… at my loom!

Anyway.. The weaving class followed on from a natural dyes workshop I had done in the morning. You can read about that here. I chose my thread colours and design and after a quick demo I set to work!

Weaving was a really relaxing experience, looking out over the river in these beautiful surroundings. As I passed the shuttle back and forth through the loom, with my piece slowly taking shape, al I could think was… this is bliss!

The teacher set up the loom with my chosen design. It really was pretty straight forward, once you got the hang of it!

My lovely teacher!

As part of the class I toured the loom room where the professional artisans were working. This was lovely to experience. Seeing their complex designs made me realise just how much skill is involved and that my small 2 colour mat was nothing in comparison!

This is the mat I made over the afternoon class

I had great fun trying my hand at traditional weaving in Laos. I would recommend this experience to anyone travelling to Luang Prabang, Laos. Theres plenty to do and see there. From waterfalls to temples and the fab classes at Ock Pop Tock, theres something for everyone in this wonderful place!

The view from my loom and the Kuang Si waterfalls nearby

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