We got a Liebster Award Nomination!

The Liebster Award is an award given to bloggers, by other bloggers. It gives recognition and a nice dose of encouragement! At the end of the year an overall winner is announced here. Just to get nominated is such a lovely feeling 🙂

A huge thanks to Me with my Suitcase, who nominated me and my blog for the award. Follow the link to read all their travel stories!

My 10 Questions from Me with my Suitcase:

1. If you won a trip to Senegal, who would you take?

I love this question. I’d take Sir David Attenborough! He’s such a legend and personal hero of mine, I think he’d be great… especially if he gave a running narration the whole time haha!

2. What drove you to start blogging? and what kept you going?

I wanted a way to keep track of all the amazing creative things I was doing, in all the interesting places I visited so it was the perfect solution. I keep going because I love it! And I love sharing all my adventures. I like that I am giving an insight and window into a world that not everyone can experience, in that respect I suppose I feel it’s my duty to allow people to live vicariously through me, from the comfort of their home!

3. If you wrote a book about traveling, what would you call it?

Oh wow, what a question! I think it would be something like… The Art of Travel

4. Who is the most interesting person you’ve met while traveling?

I’ve met so many lovely, inspirational people during my travels. My first immediate answer to this was a really interesting woman I met in Bali who was an ex porn star! she was really smart and had great business acumen. The second is to be a woman in her late 60s who had decided to up sticks and travel the world. I met her while volunteering at a school in Cambodia, such a ballsy thing to do later in life, and very cool!

5. If you get a one-way ticket to anywhere, where would you chose?

The moon, so I can see the whole world in one go! I couldn’t choose just one place to go and stay forever… I love the variety of traveling.

6. Is there any nightmare travel story that you can share?

Yeah several haha.. The time I got bitten by a fish was pretty annoying, I almost got mugged in Vietnam – which resulted in a motorbike accident instead! And of course, getting typhoid in Indonesia probably tops the list of nightmare travel stories!

7. Where are you heading next and why?

I’m heading to Porto, Portugal next week! Just for a long weekend but I was getting itchy feet to travel again. I hear it’s traditional craft are hand made tiles and that it has a good street art scene so i’m looking forward to exploring and seeing what I can find!

8. What is your preferred social media platform and why?

Instagram, I use it pretty much daily. I also find a lot of my ‘featured artists’ on instagram which is pretty cool. It’s a great way to connect with people from all over.

9. What inspired the name of your blog?

Its an East meets West fusion… After years of teaching and saying (shouting..) Oi! to get the attention of students in class, to the Vietnamese way of greeting people; “Oi” which follows the appropriate pronoun, and of course my love of all things arty; OiOi Arts was created!

10. Where’s the favorite place you’ve visited and why?

Such a hard question! If I REALLY had to choose though it would be Laos. In particular Luang Prabang. It has such a great creative scene there, and an initiative called Ock Pop Tok that supports the traditional artisans of the region, providing work and bringing attention to the importance of the conservation of these traditions in an ever changing landscape. And the street food is also great!

10 Random facts about the face behind OiOi Arts:

  1. I’m in the process of setting up a air trade arts platform to promote and help artists from around the world!
  2. I once got rid of 70% of my clothes just to make more room for artwork I needed to fit in my backpack.
  3. I swam with Bioluminescent plankton in Cambodia.
  4. I swam with whale sharks in Mexico!
  5. I went hot air ballooning in Vang Vieng, Laos.
  6. When visiting an Akha hill tribe settlement in northern Laos I was summoned to eat lunch with the chief of the village..
  7. I had to eat the local delicacy of caterpillars, and be gracious about it so as not to be rude! They did NOT taste good.
  8. I voluntarily ate a cricked in Thailand. It tasted like a really crunchy date, not the worst thing i’ve eaten… the caterpillars were!
  9. I taught a painting workshop while teaching English in Cambodia, which was a great experience!
  10. I’ve learnt the traditional methods of fabric batik in Japan, Indonesia and Laos!

My Nominations for the Liebster Award are:

  1. Bunnipunch
  2. Take a hike dude
  3. Mildly Indian
  4. Tales of Annie Bean
  5. Tramposaurus Treks

The 10 Questions for my nominees are:

  1. How do you decide on where to travel to next, and where is next!?
  2. Solo travel or travel with a companion/ group?
  3. When you travel, what food do you miss most from home?
  4. Have you ever had to change your plans last minute but then ended up having a whole new adventure instead?
  5. What’s in your kit bag?
  6. I love collecting mementos from the places I visit and end up leaving with a jam packed bag and hundreds of photos! what kind of traveller are you?
  7. Following on from above: do you go for luxury and comfort or a rustic experience with locals?
  8. What makes your travel blog different to others?
  9. Does travel drive your blog or does your blog drive your travel plans?
  10. What do you do in your down time while you travel?

To find out more about the Liebster Award and to find out who wins this year, visit The Global Aussie for more!

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