The Art Scene in Denver, CO.

Wow! it’s been over a year and a half since I was in the States and i’m only now getting round to writing up a piece about Denver’s amazing art scene! As you can see from my past posts I am a true lover of street art and Denver, Colorado, is soo embracing of this artform- it’s so vibrant! The river North Art district (RiNo) especially, has work on almost every available wall and would be first up on my favourite areas in the city for street art. I spent a full afternoon just wandering about, taking it all in and of course taking a LOT of photos!

The RiNo Art scene


Next up in terms of places to check out for street art and really get a good dose of the chill Denver vibe would be the path along the river, which also has many pieces to brighten up your walk/cycle. These pieces spring up from nowhere and really get your attention. They come from various artists and are constantly being added to so I’m sure that now, there is even more to see!

One of MANY pieces down by the river

The most notable thing for me was the quality of the art. With most of them being commissioned, the artistry involved is so high end and makes a walk in the city like walking around a huge open plan gallery which I just loved! In fact, i’d say that this is the only place i’ve been like this, where this type of art is not only accepted but revered and celebrated – It really is lovely to see!

The heart outside the Contemporary Art Museum followed by the huge red sculpture (by Lao Tzu) situated outside the Denver Art Museum

It’s not all about the street art in Denver though! It is also home to many galleries; large and small. From the centrally placed Denver Art Museum, to the Museum of Contemporary Art situated downtown, to all the galleries on Santa Fe (shout out to my favourite… Michael Warren Contemporary where I interned for a few weeks- if you’re in town you have to check them out!). You can be sure to find something for all tastes here, in a city that is a hot pot for creativity and inspiration..

The famous ‘blue bear’ at the Convention Centre

Denver is also home to over 300 pieces of public art; including sculptures, which you can stumble upon throughout the city. Whether you’re looking for a family friendly day out or a quiet day soul searching and exploring solo, this great city has it all. The people are kind and the sun is pretty much always shining!

Public art piece in gardens near the Art Museum

The weather there is insane… with over 300 days of sun a year you can see why this Brit (where it rains pretty much 300 days a year haha) loved it so much. Also, as a pretty central State, it doesn’t have the wind that i’m also used to on my wee island, which was a new (and lovely!) experience! All in all it’s a great city with plenty to see. Until next time Denver- it sure was fun!



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