Street Art in OSAKA

Planning a trip to Japan? Looking for something creative? Great! Osaka has some great street art. I just loved our trip earlier this year. A huge highlight for me was our whistle stop tour of OSAKA.


-The Food-

I was super excited for the food as the famous Dontonburi walking street is notorious with foodies, looking to sample the local delights! What I took away from this magical place (as well as a full belly!) was the amazing creative energy. It really feels like a cool place where interesting creatives are based. Of all the places we visited- Tokyo included, Osaka is THE place to be in Japan for all things creative! If you want to get inspired (and see some great street art) this is where you need to be… It’s also great for octopus takoyaki.



We only had 24 hours in Osaka but just knew we couldn’t miss it out during the trip! It was the BEST decision!

We spent the evening walking down Dontonburi walking street and taking in the lights and ALL the FOOD, along the canal. It was a great atmosphere and it was easy to see why Osaka is known at the food capital of Japan!


-The Art Scene-

There are animatronic signs that move. Huge crabs, fish and octopus adorn the shopfronts. With all the lights, smells, colour and people- it felt great and I instantly fell in love with OSAKA!

While wandering about and exploring the neighbourhood we saw a few bits of street art here and there, that really complimented the lively atmosphere.



I decided to get up early the next day and headed off to find some street art! Find it I did… Early in the morning when all the shops are closed you can see all the street art easily. Many of the shop shutters in the down town area are covered in colourful graphics and illustrations. As I mentioned in the TOKYO post previously, I felt that the general attitude towards street art in Japan was that it was frowned upon.



Although the atmosphere in Osaka had a far more (underground) creative vibe I felt that there was still an air of conformity. Once all the shops were open there was little to no sign of the street art but you cant hide the FEELING of creativity that lives there. It seemed almost like a compromise, or first step towards changing attitudes and a burgeoning art scene in Osaka. I can’t wait to return one day and see how it’s developed. I was so happy I got up early and saw it before it vanished for the day! A creative loop hole perhaps… which I’m a huge fan of!


-The Architecture-

We finished up our OSAKA adventure with a visit to the Sky Garden (which also featured on my architecture mini blog!). A huge, modern skyscraper with the best views of the city. I enjoyed some cherry blossom tea at the top and took in the cityscape before the glass elevator took us back down to earth… not for the feint hearted I must admit. I spent the whole descent with my eyes shut but I hear the view was spectacular!

OSAKA was definitely the super cool, futuristic stop off I hoped for during our Japan trip. A must see for anyone planning a trip soon!


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