Street Art in Florence

Of course a city visit wouldn’t be complete without a STREET ART recce!

As a city renowned for housing some of Europe’s most recognisable pieces, I had always been curious to see what the current, more contemporary vibe was at street level. I was actually pretty surprised there wasn’t more! From what I did see, it was clear that there are only a handful of key artists visible on the streets of Florence.

Mixture of Florence street art!


Of course, like in most cities, “street art” is widely still considered to be mindless acts of vandalism and is very much an illegal practice. In a city like Florence (widely thought of as the birthplace of Renaissance art) steeped in so much history, the art found on the street really has to compliment and work with the surroundings in order not to take away from the natural beauty of this great, historical art epicentre but rather, add to it!  

Mixture of Florence street art!


The main 3 artists I saw repeatedly  were:

CLET – Clet Abraham makes street art involving customising already in situ street signs, using sticker overlays. He is one of the few Street “Artists” actually granted permission to create in the city as he has gathered quite a following. You can even visit his studio!

‘Street art, or guerilla art, needs to be reinvented in dialogue with the Renaissance city.’ – CLET

Work by CLET


BULBL’arte Sa Nuotare (translated to: Art knows how to swim). They create paste ups, taking iconic images and adding the recognisable diving goggles to them, before pasting on the wall in one go. The pieces are great fun and easily recognisable – they’re always against a blue background and feature the unmistakable eyewear! You can find him on facebook and instagram.

Work by BULB


EXIT AND ENTER – These feature fun and playful stick figures with a basic black, red and white colour scheme, drawn freehand directly onto the wall. He started using the streets as his canvas in retaliation to the lack of opportunities for emerging artists and hasn’t looked back. See more on his facebook page.

Work by EXIT and ENTER


Along with the big 3, are, of course other examples. Maybe artists passing through or simply works that have not been removed yet! There has been a crack down in reaction to the current influx of street art popping up in the Renaissance capital. This is most likely one of the main reasons artists such as CLET and BULB started implementing their iconic pieces using sticker/pasting techniques, to allow for a speedy install!  

There is now an awesome google map that shows where lots of street art can be found which is a great resource! You can find that here.

Mixture of Florence street art!


As a way to combat the influx of street art in the city centre, the government has set up designated areas where artists can CREATE and practice LEGALLY. You can read all about my Street Art Experience in one of these areas herewhere I met up with Francy – an architect and street artist who can show you how to create your own piece of street art in one of these areas.

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