Street Art Experience in Florence

I loved seeing all the great art in Florence. I visited the Uffizi and saw the Birth of Venus, I took in the beautiful Boboli gardens and walked the streets, taking in the atmosphere and Florentine architecture. I even brought home my own tiny David statue – yes, i’m THAT tourist apparently!

BUT I wanted more. I wanted to know what the living artists were up to in current day Florence, specifically… I needed my street art fix!

Designated area for street artists to work/practice


So, I met up with Architect by day and street artist by night; Francesca (Francy) who runs a street art experience, so you too can lend your hand and have a go at creating a piece of street art!  

We met a little outside of the main centre, and as we walked by the river towards one of the spots where we could work, she filled me in on the relatively small scale street art culture in Florence and how that was a good thing for her as it meant she didn’t have much competition! You can read all about the Florentine street art I saw here.

A couple examples of Francy’s work on the bridge


We reached the bridge that we’d be working on, a designated area that had been OK’d by the local council as a spot for street artists to work/practice.  Along with discussing all things arty, the process of stencilling and seeing examples of her and past workshop experiences that are literally on the walls around you, she guided me in creating a design that I was happy with. Of course I had to make it the OiOi Arts logo! Shameless self promotion!!

The work begins!


After the initial drawing, we began cutting and creating the stencil. It was such a nice, chilled atmosphere, working on site, as the sun was starting to set. Then it was time to don the mask and start spraying! Again, Francy was knowledgeable about technique and able to guide and give pointers, great for me because as a beginner I was a bit rubbish so it really helped!

Having a go and the final result


As anyone who knows my blog will know, I love street art! So, getting the opportunity to have a go myself was a really fun, alternative to the usual Florence art trail. BUT don’t take my word for for it, go check out Francy’s experience for yourself if you’re looking for something different, against the beautiful Renaissance backdrop of Florence!

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