Jupiter Artland

I finally made it out to Jupiter Artland a while back – what a cool place! 

With an evolving and ever changing arts programme. Ranging from events for the whole family to off the cuff visits, there’s something for all. Take a walk and catch a glimpse of the multi sensory rotation of engaging installations, mixed in with the permanent collection. A walk through the woods has never been so fun!

Set in beautiful grounds, Jupiter Artland is a short, 25 minute, drive/ bus journey to the West of Edinburgh. I’d imagine it’s a pretty lovely place to visit in all seasons- and I’m looking forward to visiting again. And again, and again!

Here’s a highlight of my top picks/installation artworks.

The Rose Walk by Pablo Bronstein is so delicately beautiful. Nestled amongst the wild woodland stands this meticulously designed, white structure. Like stumbling on something from a fairytale, its a little bit of magic in the woods.

Up next are Laura Ford’s: Weeping Girls. Quite possibly the most terrifying installation i’ve seen, these 5 girls are eerie and really sinister. They catch you off guard and I found them very unsettling.. I kept expecting one to move and was very happy I was not on my own! Intended to create drama within the tranquility of the surroundings, they certainly gave me sweaty palms as we passed through!

The Negative Years temporary exhibition by Daniel Lie was on when we visited, making good use of the outside and barns loft space. He used locally foraged items from around Jupiter Artland, which was probably a big reason why the installation felt so at home here. It was a really calming, immersive experience. I mean, I love flowers so i’m always going to have a slight bias to all things floral but I really enjoyed the “life juxtaposed with death” subtlety in his work.

I’m not going to lie, this was probably my favourite installation. Anya Gallaccio’s: The Light Pours Out Of Me was quite literally, a hidden gem! On what was overall quite an overcast day, the sun shone as I made my way down into the amethyst grotto, and found my new favourite place of sanctuary. Surrounded by the purple hues in a space comfortable for 2-4 people, this snug was my happy place for the day – it also perfectly complimented my hair colour that day, which is always a winner!

The dominating structures of Quarry by Phyllida Barlow really loom over their space, in the woods of Jupiter Artland. The industrial mix of steel and concrete rise up like futuristic trees, in the nature rich landscape. Installations like this really highlight the variety on show here. At every turn theres something rising up or hidden, waiting to be found.

Of course the sculpted gardens: Cells of Life by Charles Jencks are one of the main attractions here and are easily recognisable as part of the Jupiter Artland landscape. I have always enjoyed their sister grounds, over at Modern One in Edinburgh but the scale of these is mesmerising… and makes for a good work out!

These are just my current top picks- what do you think, or what were yours? I feel that these are pretty interchangeable and like I said in the beginning, i’m looking forward to visiting in different seasons and seeing how the scenic changes affect the interpretation of the works.

Its a site with so much to experience, a real feast for the senses! If the above don’t do it for you theres plenty more too see… including a fab pink cafe, with mural painted by Nicholas Party.

To organise your visit and see whats currently on at Jupiter Artland, head on over to their website for more information.

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*All photos taken by Anna Thomson. All images remain sole copyright of Anna Thomson for OiOi Arts.

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