Females in Art Month

With International Woman’s day fast approaching on March 8th, I decided I wanted to pay homage to all the wonderful women within the ARTS. These are women that inspire me and countless others across the globe. The creatives I want to feature, promote and remember are all STRONG and have impacted my practice in some way.

I remember being taught in school about these skilled and head-strong women. I have been inspired by their strength, often through adversity. The greats like Frida Kahlo and Louise Bourgeoise will always remain at the forefront of my mind when I think back to my days learning about the women behind the creations.

Cue more learning and more inspiration over the years to where I am now, in a place where I have my own art platform. I continue to read, to find inspiring creatives and of course I resonate with strong creative women in the Arts. This is purely selfish I have to admit… I love their work yes, but more than that I LOVE the infectious girl boss attitude, and rubbing shoulders with fellow females, also doing their own thing in the arts. This is what motivates me.

I want to share with you all, some of the women who have inspired me. From those whose exhibitions have given me goosebumps, to women I’ve had the honour of interviewing over the past couple of years- right here in this blog, to creators of beautiful artworks that now hang on my walls.

With so many talented ladies out there I couldn’t limit my appreciation to just one day! So… March will be my Females in Art Month.

Feel free to like, comment and suggest away! i’m always looking for future post inspiration.

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