Featured Artist Interview – Shannon Quick

This months Featured Artist Interview is with Shannon Quick. You can read all about the North Carolina artist here as he answers my questions.. 

“My style is very unique and colourful and almost manic”

-Shannon Quick


Cheese and Full Moon, courtesy of Shannon Quick


Your style is so in your face, which I love! It has an energy that reminds me of Jean Michel Basquiat at times, where do you take your inspiration from?

Most of my inspiration comes from the interaction of meeting new people, experiences I have had personally and I also tend to be very observant. I am also inspired by other artists in some ways.


How did you get into painting and how long did it take to develop your style?

I have been painting since I was a teenager. I got into painting to express teenage angst at that point of life. Now it’s more to express my own interpretations of everyday life. I’m also somewhat tongue in cheek in a lot of my paintings.


Do you paint with something in mind or do you just see where the inspiration takes you?

I always have something in mind that i’ve thought about during the day and sometimes it goes completely left field.

On Straight and Octo, courtesy of Shannon Quick


How would you describe your style and subject matter?

I like to call my art: punk art. My style is very unique and colourful, almost manic.


There’s been a huge surge in artists selling work online, instagram being the top social platform (at the moment!). Is this something that you’ve noticed, an increase in engagement/ purchases via social media?

Yes, definitely. Social media is a huge platform and also a way to reach many different people from many different walks of life.


It really interests me, this rise of social media over the last ten years or so, and how artists have utilised it to really turn it to their advantage. As an artist who’s been around the block a couple times (and probably seen it all!) what do you make this shift?

I only recently started using social media, to a hesitancy from myself in being exposed on that kind of forum. In many ways I feel it can be a good thing however, in others there are some days where I feel overexposed. I prefer in person shows, only because I enjoy seeing the reactions of others. Some are good and some aren’t but I still enjoy a world of personal interactions over social media ones.

The Truth, Same As Before and Rampage, courtesy of Shannon Quick


What materials do you tend to use? I saw some pieces you did on old skateboards which were really effective!

Mainly I use anything that is available… I like panel board because its economical for a ‘starving artist’ and because I paint daily this serves me and my purpose. As for paints, I use acrylics as my medium 90% of the time. I’ve used canvas, oil, you name it!


What is your most important artists tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

I cannot live without music, brushes and paint (of course). Music plays a big part in which direction the piece I’m working on goes.

Pop, Obsessed and Scan, courtesy of Shannon Quick


How do you navigate the art world and seek out opportunities?

I use social media to connect with other local artists and have organised and been part of many shows. Reaching out to different venues to see if my art is a good fit before I participate is important.


Do you have a favourite piece (or pieces!) you’ve worked on?

My favourite piece recently is ‘Fresh Ink’ and of all time is: ‘Didn’t See a Thang’.


Where would you like your work to take you… world domination?

I create art because I can’t stop, won’t stop and if world domination were to happen, I wouldn’t hate it!

Fresh Ink and Didn’t see a thang, courtesy of Shannon Quick


Where can we find you and your work?

You can find my art on etsy. You can also reach out to me directly through my instagram page: shannonquickart.

Artist Shannon Quick by dd_photography13 

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    Jessica Cadle
    September 21, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    He is an awesome artist , i am lucky to have purchased a couple pieces from him. His art is so colorful and one of a kind. Looking forward to new pieces daily . Support local artists.

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