Can we talk about Architecture for a minute?!

Inspirational, beautiful buildings are everywhere.

I love nothing more when visiting a place new than wandering about and looking UP at all the wonderful architecture. OiOi arts even has a dedicated pinterest board full of inspiring buildings!

The way art can spill over into so many area’s and genres is something I love. From the traditional fine arts, to architecture, science and everything between – art has not only a presence within our world, it physically shapes our environment through innovative design – and that’s pretty cool.

Pictures of buildings from my travels – got questions about location… drop me a message!

A while back I read an interesting article in the Guardian about how social media is changing the way we design buildings. Making the world we live in ‘instagramable’ seems to be becoming a prerequisite for todays architects. Not only requested, but expected by clients. All in order to fulfil the growing [sub]conscious need to demonstrate that your business is #instaready.

Images taken from design1future

During my trip to Japan this year I visited a pop up art exhibition that I wrote about here. This played with the idea of an augmented/scripted reality that many of us (myself included!) are guilty of, via social media. Really interesting stuff.

Build it and they will come.. image taken from design1future

I’ve done a bit of travelling.. I like to think i’ve seen a good range of interesting, quirky and traditional ways of building over the years. I’m more interested in the history of architecture and the lasting feeling you get from them rather than the aesthetic, more fleeting nature of this current fad. I think because of this, the buildings and structures i’m drawn to personally, have more depth and awe than the initial (and  momentary) rush of dopamine an instagram friendly snapshot provides – with (it would seem) the sole purpose of creating a curated lifestyle… Are these new buildings just as vacuous and fleeting as the platform they propagate? Have our architects, much like our consumers, lost sight of the REAL in our environments?

I’d like to share some of my favorite buildings from my travels so far with you..

Pictures of buildings from my travels – got questions about location… drop me a message!

I also want to demonstrate some of the more #instafriendly examples that are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. It’s not an exercise in throwing negativity, far from it. It’s simply taking a step back. I want to reevaluate, I want YOU to reevaluate what great architecture is and whether or not you find it an exciting progression into the future of our urban landscape, or a dark turn into narcissism? Answers on a post-card… or in the comments section below! 

Images taken from design1future

Personally, I can appreciate both but nothing beats the sensation I get visiting a 14th century castle and FEELING that history as I touch the walls… but then again I do have a very active imagination!


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