Bali Blog Series – Part 3

For the third and final post in the Bali Series, I’m going to be writing all about:

  • Traditional Dance
  • Street Art in Bali
  • The Nomadic Lifestyle!

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Traditional Balinese dance in Ubud, Bali

Whilst in the ultra hip area of Ubud, I was approached by many people selling tickets for a Traditional Dance performance. Much like the scouts for the Shadow Puppet shows, these performances are lead by local community groups. However, unlike the small production of the shadow puppets, the traditional dance shows can involve 100+ performers and really is a larger than life performance! As I had already been to a shadow puppet demonstration the evening before I was keen to see another Balinese Tradition. I really had no previous ideas or expectations about it… the perfect way to enter into something new!

Traditional Balinese dance in Ubud, Bali

It was intense from the get go!

The huge group of men manoeuvred around the stage in unison, creating patterns and liquid like movements as there was so many participants.

Chanting is a huge part of the display, with the men forming an almost choral element. They provided the ONLY music, accompanying the drama being acted out by a small number or male/female characters, who weaved between the chanting sea of bodies. It was really something!

Visually it was really stimulating and the story telling was really effective. It’s a pretty straight forward concept, dating back hundreds of years; of storytelling as entertainment. It was so great to see this traditional art form still being practised. My photos don’t do it justice!

It was a full sensory experience, and something I’d definitely recommend if you find yourself in Ubud!


Street Art of Bali

Moving on a far more modern ART practice: The Street Art of Bali!

I just love street art ❤

I try and document it wherever I go and if you’re familiar with my blog you’ll have seen various other posts about it. Bali’s street art is rich and has a unique identity, with lots of Hindu motifs being used, it’s easily identifiable and really has a strong representation of place. It’s uniqueness to Bali makes it unlike other pieces I’d come across in: Toulouse, Chiang Mai, Denver and Athens, which only added to the experience!

Street Art of Bali

There are of course many pieces that seem more generic and Westernised… which I like too (I see you Mario!)!

I love the colours and rawness you get with Street Art. As I explore more of the world, I’m constantly in awe in the vast variations and styles present in the pieces I see. It is something I don’t think i’ll ever tire of seeing and experiencing. There’s something so ‘IN THE PRESENT’ about it. Street art is constantly evolving and changing.

Street Art of Bali

Artists add on to pieces, creating in effect, a collaboration with a stranger. This fluidity is something that really draws me to it. The fact that the pieces in the photos I post could already be painted over, transformed into something new, only heightens my experience and memories. My photography documents and captures a moment in time, a snap shot in the ever changing Street Art Scene – and I LOVE THAT!

Street Art of Bali

Bali is a notorious hotspot for digital nomads. They flock to the beautiful surroundings, laid back vibe, beaches and affordable living in paradise – it really is an obvious choice!

With various co-working spaces available for those wishing to network and have a more ‘at work’ experience, to those just happy to rock up at one of the MANY cafes, there’s something for everyone. I stayed at the newly opened; Bali Bee, outside Seminyak for a few days. They had a great sleeping area which was like a bee hive, with each person having their own cell – super fun! I then moved onto Ubud, which is where it’s at, nomadically speaking!

Bali Bee, Seminyak

Bali really does cater for all and especially walking through Ubud YOU WILL SEE PEOPLE BUSY AT LAPTOPS, COCONUT IN HAND.

As a source of creativity and productivity, it’s easy to get sucked into the nomadic way of life… it is VERY appealing! I certainly succumbed and spent some time joining the laptop brigade, editing photos and working on blog posts with no judgement, just plenty of ginger tea and delicious foodie snacks! It’s a great way to work, certainly more motivational than working alone in your hotel room! As an artist, it’s such an inspiring place to be, full of creativity and possibility. Maybe i’ll return and be a proper digital nomad for a while one day…

Getting a taste of the Nomadic Lifestyle!

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