I’m Anna, I run OiOi Arts and write all Blog content.

This blog was set up as a way to document all the Great Art I find on all my travels! as well as be a way to inspire, highlight and promote ARTISTS and CREATIVE opportunities.

Last year I began a FEATURED ARTIST Blog Interview series, where I get a more in depth look at what makes artists tick! Look out for OiOi Arts SHOP where you can buy art from our lovely artists – coming soon!

Whats in a name?!

The name stems partly from my time in Vietnam (where I managed an art studio – best job ever!). ơi is used endearingly in greetings, with the appropriate pronoun. As well as my own way of getting the attention of students in a class by shouting oi!… and so, OiOi Arts was a natural choice!

So, whats NEXT?! This year I will be setting up the OiOi Shop, where you lovely people can buy some of the glorious work I feature.With no high percentage commission you can be sure you’re buying fairly, with the artist taking the (well deserved) profit!

I also want to set up a FAIR TRADE ARTS PLATFORM which i’m SUPER excited about! As I travelled in SE Asia I was blown away by the skills and artistry of local artists. It saddened me that here they were, selling their masterpieces for peanuts while here in the West they would sell for a lot more- reflecting the skill, passion and time spent to create. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE CHANGE…  

I want to give artists that might not have an outlet, a platform to sell and promote  their work. I’m still working out the details but I can’t wait to see the OiOi Arts community grow ❤️